E-waste bin online

February 01, 2018

HEATHCOTE locals will now be able to dump small e-waste items in a bin designed to divert items from landfill. The bin has been placed in the foyer of the City of Greater Bendigo’s Lyttleton Terrace office for public use.

The e-waste bin can accept batteries, keyboards, computer mice, printer cartridges, VHS tapes, discs, bulbs and mobile phones.

City Resource Recovery and Education Manager Brooke Pearce said more than 90 per cent of e-products can be recycled.

“This is waste that contains materials including precious metals like gold and platinum, plastics, glass and lead, most of which can be recycled into other products for use,” Ms Pearce said.

“According to Planet Ark, Australians are among the highest users of new technology in the world, which means that we’re constantly upgrading the devices we have. This creates a growing problem of where to put the e-products we no longer use.

“Landfill is not the answer because this type of waste does not break down over time. This is why the City has made the e-waste bin available to make it easier for residents to properly dispose of small e-products for free.

The City plans to place more e-waste bins across the municipality this year.

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