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January 31, 2018

A new app on show at the upcoming Seymour Alternative farming Expo brings cutting-edge technology to cattle breeding.

TINDER for cows, a weather forecast for your own farm and drone technology to save time on foot are all ways technology is benefiting the agricultural industry.

Cutting-edge technologies take centre stage at the 2018 Seymour Alternative Farming Expo from February 16-18, in an array of fascinating apps and devices.

The Good Bulls app by PregRite Genetics is allowing farmers to meet their breeding objectives by sorting, filtering, shortlisting and exporting bulls to meet their preferences.

“It helps you pick bulls using a phone or tablet and it’s another tool we use to pick the right bull for your cow,” PregRite Genetics owner and technician Garth Matthews said.

Agriculture technology company The Yield has created an app called Sensing+ which converts data collected from on-farm sensors into a seven-day weather forecast.

The company’s free app is the only application to show figures for evapotranspiration, the sum of evaporation off the earth’s surface and plant transpiration, crunching 2.5 million Bureau of Meteorology data records every six days to predict the weekly amount of evapotranspiration to aid growers.

“Growers face enormous uncertainty trying to pre-empt weather, and its impact can be disastrous,” The Yield founder and managing director Ros Harvey said.

“But many still rely on weather apps that might be showing data from hundreds of kilometres away,” she said.

“For intensive irrigated crops, hyper-localised weather conditions are the ones that matter.”

Yea farmer Wayne Lording – who has designed one of Australia’s first agriculture-specific drones – uses one to check on his animals, as it saves time instead of having to go out on horseback, by tractor or car.

“Farmers have got to look at better and more cost-effective ways to manage their properties, and drones are the best way to do it,” Mr Lording said.

“Sometimes I just sit on the back verandah having a cuppa. I’ll send the drone out to look at the water troughs and see if the horses are OK. That saves me a lot of time.”

The Seymour Alternative Farming Expo will be held from February 16-18 at Kings Park.

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