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January 31, 2018

THIS time last year Rob Peachey formed an idea and turned it into a reality by creating Heathcote Food Share – an organisation fully run by volunteers to help Heathcote locals in need.

Even Rob, in all his optimism, couldn’t have expected the support that the idea would gain over the next 12 months, and just how much Food Share’s first birthday would mean to him.

“I still remember when I first started — I had visions of it being like this but I thought it would take three years or so to get there, but it’s taken just one,” Rob said.

“It is very special to everyone who has worked here over the last year, although it is not about us at all.”

The idea was originally to set up stalls behind the local guide hall one day a week and have supplied food free of charge for those in need.

However, it became apparent to Rob within the next six months that Food Share would need expanding.

“Three months ago it moved to five days a week — we do a barbeque every day and some soup in the winter.

“Where it started, as just Wednesdays, compared to now where we have it five times a week, it is amazing.”

Rob dedicated the rise of the organisation to the many volunteers who supply food, help out on the stalls, or even just come down for a chat.

“They’ve been fantastic from the very start, sometimes we get about 30 or 40 people down here just wanting to help.

“I mean, it’s like anything in life — how far would you get on your own?”

Rob said Food Share is currently looking for a place to permanently set up — although the grass of the guide hall has been good to them, he can’t trust the weather for ever.

“It gets a bit cold during the winter, although you would think someone is looking after us with the weather we always seem to get.”

“We have a few places in mind, and are hoping to make a decision sooner rather than later.”

It is clear that Rob doesn’t rate Food Share’s success on its size, with other goals at the front of his mind.

“As long as no one is going hungry, we are satisfied.”

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