Mindless vandals rampage at RSL building

January 25, 2018

Heathcote RSL president Miles Humphrey is disappointed in an act of vandalism at the organisation's premises at the weekend.

THIRSTY thieves targeted the Heathcote RSL during the weekend, damaging property and making off with next to nothing.

Between 1.30pm on January 19 and 10.30am on January 22, an unknown number of suspects gained entry to the premises through the South side door which led into the bar area.

However there was no attempt to force open a locked bar fridge, which did contain a small amount of alcohol.

Heathcote RSL president Miles Humphrey said the intrusion seemed to be a senseless act of vandalism.

“We’re an organisation raising funds for veterans and their families, so to have people coming in looking for things to steal is really disappointing,” he said. “I have no idea what would lead anyone to do that.

“We only keep a small amount of alcohol on the premises for small monthly gatherings, but we don’t keep money or large amounts of alcohol here so it isn’t really worth breaking in for.”

It is believed a small amount of alcohol was taken from the premises and no other items were taken.

“We’ve had damage to cupboards as they were obviously trying to get them open and see if there was anything worth taking in there, but don’t think they would find much,” Mr Humphrey said.

“The next step will be to fix up and damage and the locks on the building,’’ he said.

‘‘We may end up having to spend money on extra security measures and possibly even CCTV.

“It’s disappointing to be in such a close community and have to resort to spending money on systems to keep the place secure.

“But we definitely don’t want a repeat of this. Everything here is paid for by the community through donations so they’re stealing from locals.”

Heathcote police are asking anyone with information regarding the incident to contact the station on 5433 3711.

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