Petrol price war erupts in High St

January 24, 2018

The new United service station which opened on the weekend, sparking a discount price war in fuel prices.

THERE has not been any open declaration of war but nevertheless there is a battle going on at local fuel pumps.

Last week Caltex was selling unleaded fuel for 149.9 cents per litre.

On Saturday United opened its new store with the same fuel selling at 119.9 cents.

Caltex head office immediately directed the Heathcote outlet to slash 21 cents from its price per litre to 128.9 cents.

Caltex was contacted in regard to whether their prices had dropped due to the opening of United but declined to comment.

The price war has been welcomed by Heathcote locals as the BP service station has also just lowered its price to 128 cents.

The United store is on the old Ampol site in High St, which had stood vacant for a long time before being demolished last year.

One motorist told the McIvor Times she felt she had been held to ransom by oil industry heavyweights and believed having an independent move into town could only be good news.

“And I will be supporting them,” she added. ‘‘It’s hard enough making ends meet without being gouged on fuel prices, especially as country people have to do more travel to get anywhere.’’

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