Alternative Farming Expo is sure to be a rip-snorter

January 18, 2018

Pig racing will be among the many attractions at the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo from February 16-18.

ACROBATIC pigs performing tricks and national whip cracking champions are among the entertaining displays on offer at the 2018 Seymour Alternative Farming Expo.

The Pig Racing Australia show will see the pigs demonstrate their sprinting skills across the expo weekend, from February 16-18, across a straight track race and a loop track race.

These clever little piggies are capable of running an impressive 50m in about five seconds.

But for MTV Productions owner Michael Vandeleur, who runs the show, it is the piglets leaping from an almost 3m high diving board and into the water below that is the real show-stopper.

“We’re looking forward to coming to Seymour; it exposes people to something they haven’t seen and just shows them what can be done.”

He said each pig undertakes six weeks of training before being around crowds to ensure they’re calm and comfortable when it comes to performing on the big stage.

The pigs travel to shows in the utmost comfort with an air-conditioned and spacious bus keeping them cool at all times.

The strength, expertise and showmanship of some of Australia’s best whip crackers will also be on show, with the expo hosting the Australian Whipcrackers and Plaiters Association Victorian Championships on Saturday, February 17.

Crowd favourites – including the accuracy test and freestyle whip crack – will see more than 30 competitors entertain the crowds.

“The people watching always enjoy it, it’s part of our Australian culture and we try to preserve that,” association secretary Simon Martin said.

“They’re always interested in watching the accuracy portion or hearing the tunes you can play like Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

With a total of eight sections on display during the Saturday-only event, spectators will be treated to whip-cracking from novice, pee wee, juvenile, junior, women, men and over-45 classes – along with the AWPA Australian Bullock Whip Championship.

The Seymour Alternative Farming Expo will be held from February 16-18, at Kings Park in Seymour.

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