Doctors say goodbye

December 22, 2017

Dr Padmaja Nagalla and Dr Fady Tadros will be leaving Heathcote Primary Health.

HEATHCOTE is farewelling two beloved doctors.

Dr Fady Tadros and Dr Padmaja Nagalla are moving on from Heathcote Primary Health after a combined five years of service.

Dr Tadros travelled a long way to practise in our town — moving from Egypt to Australia four years ago, he and his wife and young daughter had been in the country for six months when he was offered a job by Heathcote’s Dr Adel Asaid.

Three and a half years down the track, Dr Tadros is moving to a practice in Gosford, New South Wales, to pursue his passion — cardiology.

‘‘I was a cardiologist in Egypt. In addition to working at Heathcote Primary Health I’ve been completing supervised cardiology work at Bendigo Hospital. It’s been a chance to keep up with my skills,’’ he said.

‘‘In Gosford I’ll still be a GP but with more cardiology work.’’

While Dr Tadros admitted living by the sea in Gosford was an idyllic prospect, he said he’d miss his Heathcote community.

‘‘I will miss my patients and the incredible staff here,’’ he said.

‘‘I’ve been a bit spoiled here. The staff have been really cooperative and supportive and have made me feel at home.

‘‘This practice is quite different from other practices, as there’s an incredible respect between all the staff. We all co-operate to offer the best service to patients.

‘‘I want to thank Dr Adel and Dr Poate for their support over the last three and a half years.’’

Currently a GP registrar, Dr Nagalla moved to Heathcote Primary Health in 2016 as part of the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) program.

As the first GP practice Dr Nagalla trained in, she said the Heathcote clinic set the bar high.

‘‘It’s been the best practice for training as we have the nursing home, acute care, emergency and GP work — such a variety of the population. Plus Dr Poate has been an amazing supervisor,’’ she said.

‘‘Unfortunately because of college requirements I had to move to another clinic to get experience with a different demographic.’’

Dr Nagalla will be moving with her husband and baby girl to Gisborne Medical Centre. And with a new house, new job, new baby — and exams coming up in two months — she said life would be full.

‘‘I’ll miss all my beautiful patients and the supportive staff,’’ she said.

And while there will be sadness on seeing these two doctors leave, there will be some sweetness too, as Heathcote Primary Health welcomes back Dr Tanya Howley. Returning from extended leave in January, Dr Howley will bring a wealth of experience to the clinic.

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