McGibbon claims division one title at Axedale course

November 30, 2017

STUART McGibbon took out the division one stroke event at Axedale Golf Club on Saturday.

A total of 72 men and 10 ladies took part in the event which was sponsored by MLC Advice, Bendigo.

Mens Event:

In division one, McGibbon claimed the title with a score of 76 gross, 9 h/c, 67 nett. The runner-up was Max Kettle (79 gross, 11 h/c, 68 nett) on a countback from Glenn Laity (78 gross, 10 h/c, 68 nett).

In division two the winner was David Baillie (80 gross, 18 h/c, 62 nett). The runner-up was Darren Hocking (82 gross, 16 h/c, 66 nett), while third place went to Doug Osborne (86 gross, 18 h/c, 68 nett).

In division three the winner was Rob Velthuis (98 gross, 33 h/c, 65 nett). The runner-up was Owen Davies (90 gross, 24 h/c, 66 nett), and third place went to Peter Thomas (90 gross, 22 h/c, 68 nett) on a countback.

Ball winners: Peter Stewart 68, Rod Threlfall 68, Paul Pyke 69, Ian Edwards 69, Graeme Rooke 69 and Russell McGibbon 69 on a countback.

Nearest the pins:

1st hole division one: David Ivey; division two: Paul Blackely.

3rd hole, 2nd shot - division one: Darren Hocking; division two: David Yum.

6th hole (Open): Rob Taylor.

16th hole (Superpin): Brian Retallick.

18th hole division one: Peter Hoskin; division two: David Yum.

Birdie Balls: Don Mitchell 6th hole.

Ladies Event:

In the ladies division one, the winner was Ruth Iser (13 h/c, 39 nett), from runner-up Annette Holmes (26 h/c, 35 nett).

Ball winners: Mandy Hamilton 32 and Roslyn Yum 32.

Other Highlights:

Best Gross Score: Stuart McGibbon 76.

■ A TOTAL of 53 men took part in a stableford event at the Axedale Golf Club on Thursday, November 23. The event was sponsored by MLC Advice.

In division one for handicaps of 17 the winner was Geoff Arundell (17 h/c, 38 nett) on a countback from Peter Hoskin (8 h/c, 38 nett), also on a countback. Third place went to Tim Holmes (16 h/c, 38 nett).

In division two for handicaps of 1836 the winner was David Turner (36 h/c, 47 nett). Phil Luke was the runner-up (31 h/c, 41 nett), while Eric Rogers secured third place (28 h/c, 38 nett).

Ball winners: Phil Pyke 37, Owen Davies 37, Peter Thomas 37, Brian Retallick 36, Tony Lindrea 36 and Dennis Higgins 36 on a countback.

Nearest the pins:

1st hole division one: Gary Beames; division two: Craig Shewell.

3rd hole, 2nd shot division one: Peter Hoskin; division two: Mark Filan.

6th hole open: Mike Fitzgerald.

18th hole division one: Chris Phillips; division two: Jackpot no winner.

Longest Drive: Rick Manley.

Longest Putt: Ian Logan.

Encouragement Award:

Division one: Rod Connelly.

Division two: Brian Keating.

Other highlights:

Birdie Ball: Chris Phillips on the 18th.

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