Hub working bee is hive of activity

November 30, 2017

Penny Parker pitches in to clean up the future site of Heathcote's childcare centre.

Jim McKenzie McHard and Pete Sannwald do their bit.

Jeff McLoughlin, Adam Place, Paul Sier and Wayne Lynch hard at work.

MEMBERS of the community got together in a show of support to help clean up the proposed children’s hub site in readiness for its transformation.

The community working bee group was made up of 29 volunteers representing 14 community groups who worked tirelessly for five hours in temperatures in excess of 35 degrees to tidy up the site before works commence.

Shelving and cupboards were dismantled, sheds pulled down and trees cut down, which filled seven skip loads with rubbish and two truckloads containing over seven cubic metres of green waste.

Community advisor for Mandalay Resources Tracey Bowden said community members were keen to help out where they could.

“The Community Working Bee was a wonderful chance to help the community prepare for the much needed children’s hub in Heathcote,” she said.

“The volunteers were all happy to get their hands dirty either moving furniture or cleaning and removing rubbish — the community spirit for this project is very positive and supportive.

“The work which is being done by the community in establishing a Children’s Hub will take Heathcote to the next level.”

A board of management has been set up with representation from key stakeholders; ex officio members include principals from both primary schools and Heathcote Health chief executive Dan Douglass.

Governance support is being provided by Communities 4 Children, and St Johns Anglican Diocese executive have formed a sub-committee to help facilitate and support the project.

Advance Heathcote Secretary Sherrie Coote said the program is by locals for locals.

“The Heathcote community really got behind the proposed Children’s Services Hub. One of the volunteers commented on how good it was that the child care initiative came from the community and not from an outside for-profit service provider,” she said.

“Advance Heathcote was pleased to assist on the day by cooking a barbecue to feed the local volunteer workers.”

A community advisory team coordinator has been appointed and is now in the process of setting up the community advisory team.

The role of this group will be essential in bringing back and feeding information into the community.

If you would like to view the plans for the proposed development they will be on display out the front of the site as well as being available at the Heathcote Community House.

If you would like more information or want to support the project contact the project manager Sandra Slatter on 0417 350 911 or [email protected]

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