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November 30, 2017

Sorting your load before you dump it at your resource recovery centre or transfer station aids an efficient recycling system.

YOU can recycle a wide range of materials at your local transfer station or resource recovery centre, and in many cases items can be disposed of for free.

Sorting your load before you go to your resource recovery centre or transfer station is the most effective method and helps create an efficient recycling system.

It can also be significantly cheaper than dumping all your materials at the waste collection point.

Most sites have a large co-mingled recycling collection point, like your kerbside recycling bin, which collects paper, rigid plastics (excluding polystyrene), glass bottles and jars, steel cans and household aluminium.

But the real benefit of resource recovery centres and transfer stations is that they have collection points for many other recyclable materials that can’t be recycled in you kerbside bin such as:

■ Scrap Metal — Car bodies, iron, steel, wire, and whitegoods.

■ Green Waste — This includes your lawn clippings, branches, garden prunings. Please don’t contaminate your green waste with plastic, metal or concrete.

■ Timber — posts, frames, doors.

■ Waste oil — Clean used or unwanted motor oil can be disposed of into the collection tanks.

■ Concrete, bricks and rubble — Clean concrete and bricks and rubble can be disposed of. Please don’t drop off any product that may contain asbestos.

■ drumMUSTER — Clean and empty chemical drums (both plastic and steel) are accepted. There must be NO trace of chemical residue.

■ Electrical waste — Computer monitors, laptops, TV’s, video and DVD players, stereos, game consoles, printers, photocopiers, vacuum cleaners, telephones, mobile phones, scanners, fax machines, microwaves, hair dryers, toasters, kettles, drills and air conditioners.

Some specialised items such as old paint, chemicals, batteries and fluorescent light globes can also be recycled, but may need to be taken to larger centres, community collection points or the regular ‘Detox your home’ collections.

Remember, unsorted loads cop the maximum fee, so get it sorted.

For more information, download the free Loddon Mallee Waste Info App through the App Store or Google Play by searching ‘Loddon Mallee’.

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