Huge first win

November 29, 2017

Heathcote Bowling Club president Eileen O’Brien has relished her role at the club.

HEATHCOTE Bowling Club’s division six travelled to White Hills on the weekend and recorded its first win for the season — a big 36 shot win!

Division 6:

Heathcote 111 defeated White Hills 75

Denise Anderson 19 lost to M Zadow 27

Eileen O’Brien 31 defeated C Bowden 11

Basil Kapoulitsa 27 defeated R Franzi 17

Chris Cail 34 defeated T Cooney 20

Denise Anderson’s team made an even start but trailed by a single shot after 12 ends. Denise’s team then struggled, winning only four more ends to lose by eight shots.

Eileen O’Brien’s team started well and led by eight shots by the 13th end. Eileen’s team continued to dominate, losing only two more ends and won by an impressive 20 shots.

Basil Kapoulitsa’s team lost the first two ends but then won 11 of the next 13 ends to lead by 14 shots. Basil’s team continued playing well and were rewarded with a 10-shot win.

Chris Cail’s team won four of the first five ends to lead by 12 shots. Chris’ team maintained the good form, going on to win by 14 shots.

Division 3:

Heathcote’s division three side travelled to Harcourt. After an even start, Heathcote struggled before going down by 15 shots.

Heathcote 78 lost to Harcourt 93

Brian Taylor 24 defeated L Maloney 22; Bill Gardiner 21 lost to G Maddern 23; John McGillivray 18 lost to T Olsson 22; Greg Speirs 15 lost to S Douglas 26.

Brian Taylor’s team led by 10 shots after 11 ends. Harcourt levelled the scores by the last end but a drive by Brian took out the shot bowl to award his team a single shot victory.

Bill Gardiner’s team led by two shots on the 14th end. The game remained even until the last end when Bill’s team lost to go down by two shots.

John McGillivray’s team won the first two ends but trailed by nine shots after 18 ends. John’s team won the next two ends but lost the last two to go down by four shots.

Greg Speirs’ team made an even start leading by two shots after 15 ends but then struggled to lose by 11 shots.

Weekend Pennant Teams:

Division three: Heathcote vs Serpentine at Serpentine.

B Taylor (s), C Morcom, V Keogh, B Mathieson; J McGillivray (s), P Mason, F Dimauro, G Baker; G Speirs (s), G Wilkie, B Cail, R Anderson; B Gardiner (s), H Dawson, P Cunningham, R Hanson. Team Captain: G Speirs. Bus Leaves at 10.45am.

Division six: Heathcote vs Bendigo VRI at Heathcote.

B Kapoulitsa (s), N Smith, D Finn, L Tattersall; E Knight (s), L Morante, D Kilner, I Ross; D Anderson (s), J McDonald, K Reader, I Hutterer; R Craig (s), J Hutson, D Dedman, L Speirs. Team Captain: D Kilner. Duty Team: D Anderson.

Midweek Results:

Heathcote 69 lost to Kangaroo Flat 77

Denise Anderson 24 defeated G Santon14; Eileen O’Brien 18 lost to G Gallan 35; Chris Cail 27 lost to N Berry 28.

Denise Anderson’s team made an even start with scores level on the 16th end and won the next five ends to eventually win by 10 shots.

Eileen O’Brien’s team won the first two ends and trailed by only a shot after 18 ends but only won one more end to lose by 17 shots.

Chris Cail’s team made an even start with only a shot the difference after 13 ends. However Chris’ team lost four shots on the last end to lose by just a single shot.

Midweek Pennant Team:

Heathcote vs Golden Square at Heathcote.

C Cail (s), D Cutajar, M Wright, H Baker; D Anderson (s), R Craig, S Arnold, I Hutterer; E O’Brien (s), J McDonald, D Finn, L Speirs. Team Captain: C Cail. Duty Team: C Cail.

Social Bowls:

Last Wednesday, in warm and humid conditions, 12 bowlers played three games of pairs. The winners were Greg Speirs (s) and Judy McDonald (two wins, one draw, 38 points, +13 shots). Runners-up were Paul Mason (s) and John Hutson (two wins, 32 points, +13 shots) from Eileen O’Brien (s) and Lorraine Speirs (two wins, 30 points, +4 shots). The jackpot was won by Denise Anderson and Ken Reader and will be $165 today.

Coming Events:

Today: Mixed social bowls at 1pm.

Tomorrow: Pennant practice and club barbecue.

Saturday, December 2: Weekend pennant round six.

Monday, December 4: Midweek pennant round six.

Tuesday, December 5: Social pennant at 7pm.

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