Driver keeps others safe from gas leak

November 08, 2017

Heathcote Fire Brigade attended a gas leak at the town's Caltex petrol station on Tuesday.

HEATHCOTE brigade firefighters were called to a gas leak near the Caltex petrol station on High St at 8am on Tuesday last week.

CFA captain Carl Watkins said a forklift gas cylinder, which had been filled, started leaking.

The customer who filled the cylinder noticed a cloud of gas and heard a hissing sound when he was leaving the station.

The driver pulled over far enough away from the station and called the CFA.

It is believed the pressure relief valve on the cylinder was faulty and started leaking soon after the cylinder was filled and placed in the back of a ute.

CFA members let the cylinder decant for 40 minutes before taking it off the back of the ute and spraying water over the gas cloud to stop it from igniting.

Mr Watkins said the quick thinking of the driver kept other motorists and customers at the service station safe.

Police closed Hunter Pl to allow the cylinder to leak in a safe location.

The Heathcote brigade also assisted DELWP members in last weekend’s planned burn at Carboon Lane.

Captain Carl Watkins said the burns were a good training exercise for the brigade and all went according to plan.

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