Supplier switches source to maintain high water quality

November 03, 2017

Coliban Water is using raw water from Lake Eppalock for Heathcote and Tooborac residents.

COLIBAN Water is changing the raw water source that supplies customers in Heathcote and Tooborac.

The change is nothing out of the ordinary, as supplies changed from Caledonia Reservoir to Lake Eppalock.

General manager of water quality performance and regulation David Sheehan said the change in the raw water supply source was necessary to minimise any potential impacts on the quality of drinking water supplied to customers.

“Routine water quality testing has indicated a potential for poorer raw water quality to develop in Caledonia Reservoir in coming months, with water levels within the reservoir declining and the weather conditions getting warmer,’’ Mr Sheehan said.

“We are making this change now to avoid any potential for poor quality drinking water being provided to our Heathcote and Tooborac customers.”

Mr Sheehan said customers should not notice any change to the drinking water they receive.

“All drinking water is treated to a standard that meets the requirements of the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines and Victoria’s Safe Drinking Water Act,’’ Mr Sheehan said.

“We have the ability to draw water from three raw water sources – Caledonia Reservoir, our water share in Lake Eppalock or backfeed water from Sandhurst Reservoir in Bendigo, which contains water sourced from our Coliban catchment storages near Kyneton.

“This provides us with greater options in how we manage our raw water supply sources.”

Customers in Heathcote and Tooborac have received information via direct mail regarding the change earlier this month.

For further information please contact Coliban Water’s customer support team on 1300 363 200.

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