Showers forecast but just a few meteors

October 25, 2017

THE Orionid meteor shower, better known as the Orionids, is the most prolific astral shower to light our evening skies and associated with Halley’s Comet.

They are called the Orionids because they appear to come from the radiant, which lies in the constellation Orion, but they can be seen over a large area of the sky.

Orionids are an annual meteor shower which last approximately one week in late October. In some years, meteors may occur at rates of 50–70 per hour.

Regional photographer Rene Martens spent several chilly, early-morning hours with time-lapse settings to capture the predicted sky show.

“This is one of the photos I took on Sunday morning that shows the few meteors that flew in,”Rene said.

“I spent almost three hours grabbing time-lapse photos so I could capture a few meteors,” he said.

“Unfortunately while I was set up there was nowhere near the number cosmologists had predicted to occur during the two mornings.”

Photo: RenSmart Photography. Phone 0414 779 458 or go to

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