Red-letter day for new owners

October 11, 2017

Daryl and Mary Wallace ran the post office for more than 15 years.

THE HEATHCOTE post office is under new ownership as of last week, with the new operators taking the reins on the second of this month.

Previous owners Daryl and Mary Wallace have officially called it a day after 15 years and two days of managing the town’s mail delivery.

The couple also oversaw the building of the new post office down the southern end of High St in 2013, allowing them to convert the old post office into a residence.

While there are no immediate plans to skip the country, Daryl and Mary said they’re hoping to complete the finishing touches on their renovations and then head overseas in 2018.

“It’s worked out to be a real win-win for Heathcote and us, because we got to keep this beautiful building and now Heathcote’s got one of the best post office facilities in the greater Bendigo area,” Mr Wallace said.

“Being so old, the original post office has a few things that still need a bit of fixing up, so we have things to keep us busy for the time being.”

The new owners, Brian and Rhonda Linnell said that the move to Heathcote will be one of their last.

“We’re here to stay, this is a permanent move for us. Until we get to the point that we can’t manage the nine acres we have, we’re set to stay,” Mrs Linnell said.

The pair will have help from their son Tim, as well as Ellen who has stayed on working full time.

“I pulled my husband out of retirement. I said if I’m going to work then so are you, so he gets the early shift because I’m not good with mornings,” Mrs Linnell said.

“It’s quite the learning curve taking over, thank God we’ve got Tim and Ellen who know what they’re doing.”

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