Handy hints to make most of recycling

October 05, 2017

Householders have been reminded to place recyclables in the correct bin so these items find their way to a recycling plant, instead of landfill.

RESIDENTS in the Loddon Mallee Region are great recyclers, but we can improve.

Household rubbish bins often contain items that could have been recycled.

Our recycling bins can be contaminated with non-recyclable items that cause problems during sorting.

Your kerbside recycling bin can accept many household items such as aluminium and steel cans, glass jars and bottles, milk and juice cartons, foil trays and aerosols, rigid plastic containers and bottles, cardboard, newspapers and magazines.

Items such as plastic bags, garden waste, food scraps, polystyrene and foam, nappies, waxed cardboard, syringes and medical waste, soil and rocks, clothing and textiles, chemicals, liquids and paint should not be put into your kerbside recycling bin.

Recycling tips:

■ It is important that you don’t place items in plastic bags, as they will not be recycled.

■ Items don’t need to be sparkling clean when put in the recycling bin, just empty. Remove solid food scraps and liquids.

■ To save room in your recycling bin ensure boxes and bottles are flattened.

Bin collection tips:

■ Place bins out the night before or by 6am on the day of collection.

■ The bin lid must be closed for collection. The truck’s mechanical arm cannot lift overfilled bins. Extra items placed on top or next to the bin will not be collected.

■ Place bins close to the kerb at least one metre apart and away from trees, cars and other bins. Bins should face the road with the handles and wheels towards the property.

■ Remove bins promptly after collection.

Each time we recycle right we reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

This saves energy, reduces the need to extract raw materials, saves limited natural resources and helps communities and the economy by encouraging innovation and creating jobs in the recycling industry.

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