Winemakers take show on the road

September 13, 2017

Heathcote and Bendigo winemakers at last year's festival.

HEATHCOTE wineries will be bringing their finest wines to the 16th annual East Malvern Food and Wine Festival in November.

Wineries from more than 15 Bendigo and Heathcote regions will be heading to Melbourne for a day of wine tasting, picnicking, and live children’s entertainment.

There will be roving entertainers, live music performances and magician master classes to distract the children while their parents sneak off to drink wine.

Jessica Dwyer attended last year’s festival as the owner of the Farmer and the Scientist winery in Heathcote, and is even more excited for this year’s festival.

“There are quite a few Heathcote wineries going down this year. It’s virtually a Heathcote wine show,” she said.

“We got a lot of follow-on sales from the festival last year, and we were able to really get our name out there.”

Farmer and the Scientist specialises in affordable easy drinking wines that “you don’t have to mortgage your house for” — suitable for casual drinkers and young parents.

“It was a great family day. There were families walking through the park who didn’t even know the festival was going on, and they stopped to try our wines.”

General manager of Silver Spoon Estate wineries Tracie Young said Heathcote’s reputation for wine was growing.

“Heathcote has always been known as a region that produces exceptional Shiraz wines, however more recently we are becoming well known for our other grape varietals we make in the region, particularly the Spanish and French,” she said.

“We’re not just one dimensional any more, which is a really good thing for the region.”

“It was a really good one-day festival last year, and the wineries I’ve spoken to are really excited for a second event.”

“It’s a great way for local wine growers to be down in Melbourne and promoting the central Victorian wine region.”

Entry is free and wine tasting glasses and ticket packages start at $20.

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