Graeme is our money man

September 13, 2017

Graeme Fleming outside his Audax Consulting office.

GRAEME Fleming describes his professional background as ‘wide’ — so wide that you could drive a truck through it.

He has battled with balance sheets, tinkered in trusts and sorted out superannuation funds, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If you have a question and it has something to do with money, then chances are Graeme is the guy to go to for advice.

He is the founder of Audax Consulting in Heathcote, which covers your basic accounting and auditing needs as well as more a range of more specialist services.

He set up his firm in Heathcote in 2011 after waking up one morning and deciding that he was sick of his life in Melbourne.

“I had my own practice in Melbourne for about 16 years, where I did traditional tax work. Like a lot of sole practitioners I did 100 hours a week, and I woke up one morning and realised it was killing me,” he said.

While working in Melbourne he covered mainly banking and finance law, but he also covered corporate trusts, real estate, finance consulting, and even soldier settlements for world war two veterans.

After the intense workload began taking its toll on Graeme, a friend suggested he open a firm in Heathcote.

“I was always on the hunt to do something in Heathcote, and I jumped at the chance to move when I found some clean-up auditing work here.”

Graeme now works at a more sedate pace, but he covers an even broader range of jobs than ever before.

These include accounting, finance and consulting work for community groups, sporting clubs, schools, and real estate agents.

“Because of my background different people want help with different things,” he said.

“My business spans from the Queensland border, where I do some super funds, and I also do work for a tennis club I’ve never met in Hobart. I do everything in between.”

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