Servo showdown

July 26, 2017

The old Ampol petrol station will make way for a United Petroluem service station.

SOARING fuel prices had our town seeing red earlier this month.

Local service stations unleaded petrol price surged as high as $1.32 per litre on July 14, jumping from $1.16 a week earlier.

Further angering locals was the lack of movement at Bendigo bowsers, which remained at $1.13.

Many said they refused to buy locally, choosing instead to fill up in Bendigo on their commute to work.

But a reprieve from exorbitant fuel prices may be on the way, with a new service station set to open in October.

A United Petroleum petrol station is set to open at the old Ampol service station on High St.

The 24-hour site will have six bowsers, including two high-flow diesel for trucks and four bowsers for cars.

It will have toilets, seating, 10 car parks, a convenience store and a Pie Face restaurant.

United Petroleum marketing manager Andrew English said the new outlet plans to challenge the dominance of the existing service stations.

“We’re all about taking on the big guys,” he said.

“The goal is to drive prices down because some prices are inflated due to lack of competition in country towns.

“Our aim is to always have the best priced fuel. We will beat the big guys and they will be forced to meet our price or lose business.

“And if they do meet our price, we will go lower to ensure we always have the best price.”

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