July 21, 2017

Ian Gray.

Ian Gray's 2006 Holden Rodeo ute bearing NSW plates AG-46-AJ.

HEATHCOTE’S Helen Gray has been waiting on a phone call for almost two years.

She’s been hoping and praying for a call from someone who has seen her husband.

Ian Gray, a sheep stud owner, drove out the front gate of his Bunnaloo property on September 11, 2015 and hasn’t been seen since.

Mrs Gray raised the alarm shortly after her husband’s disappearance, as he had left without attending to his livestock and without his wallet and phone.

She believes he left with several thousand dollars and a full tank of fuel.

Family and friends have spent countless hours searching the region, hoping to find Mr Gray.

They have also chartered an aircraft on four separate occasions to scour the area, looking for any sign of the then 66-year-old farmer or his vehicle.

Police believe a distinctive stock crate on the back of Mr Gray’s 2006 Holden Rodeo ute could hold the key to finding him. He left in a motor vehicle bearing NSW plates AG-46-AJ.

With no confirmed sightings of Mr Gray, his wife has embarked on a 2000km journey through outback NSW and Queensland.

In her eye-catching van printed with her husband’s missing person poster, Mrs Gray plans to visit general stores and farms looking for information.

“I plan on poking around quite a bit, handing out flyers and hoping to jog someone’s memory,” she said.

“The Ian I’m looking for is not the Ian that left. He would never leave his family or his animals without telling them.”

Mrs Gray said her husband had been acting out of character before his disappearance, possibly due to stress or a medical condition.

'‘He told me he was depressed,’’ she said.

“One morning he must have had a brain snap and drove out the front gate
and never returned.

‘‘If I could say anything to him it would be to come home. We all love you and whatever it is, we can work
through it.”

Mr Gray said she has taken her life one day at a time since her husband’s disappearance.

“That’s all you can do – keep looking and keep hoping,” she said.

“I believe he is somewhere remote, making himself useful on someone’s farm.

“He wouldn’t be anywhere close because he was so well known with the sheep. Someone would have
recognised him and said something.

“I encourage everyone to keep their eyes peeled for anything that might lead us to Ian.

“He will look different to the pictures I have, but he is six feet four inches with a thin build and grey hair.
He always had a moustache and he could have long hair now.”

Anyone who might have sighted Mr Gray or his white Holden Rodeo ute, with stock crate, registration AG-46-AJ is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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