Market meet and greet so valuable

July 12, 2017

City of Greater Bendigo Mayor Margaret O'Rourke.

IT WAS great to speak to so many Heathcote and district residents at the Heathcote Bush Market on July1.

Councillor Wrigglesworth and I had a wonderful time and many residents made the most of the opportunity to discuss with us the Heathcote Township Plan and a range of works that they would like to see delivered.

People really appreciated being able to speak with us as they were going about their daily business. Councillors have replaced ward meetings in favour of going to places or events where people are already gathering. The feedback we received was that the meetings were often attended by the same few people and were held in the evenings, which isn’t always a good time for families.

We may still look at holding a ward meeting, based on a revised format, later this year when the weather gets warmer.

I’m also enjoying working out of the Heathcote Council offices once every three weeks and welcome community members to make an appointment for a coffee with me. I advertise this opportunity on my Facebook page but people can also ring me to make a time.

There was a request at the June 21 council meeting to clarify statements in my last column regarding the Bendigo Airport and the capacity of the new runway. The runway can accept aircraft weighing up to about 30,000 tonne, so that is the weight of the plane and its cargo together, not the cargo by itself.

In my May column I referred to upgrading the flag poles on Heathcote’s main street. These poles are great to promote events but changing over the banners can be problematic, as this involves traffic management and a cherry picker.

The City of Greater Bendigo has been working with Heathcote Tourism Development to install new flag poles that will mean the banners can be easily changed over without traffic management, which is a great outcome for those wanting to use them and a cost saving for the community too. The poles will be installed in the next few weeks and will be a great addition to the streetscape.

- Margaret O'Rourke, mayor, City of Greater Bendigo 

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