Marcus skilled at helping out

July 05, 2017

Heathcote mechanic Marcus Skilbeck is enjoying free publicity from his good deed.

MARCUS Skilbeck loves the good karma that’s been coming his way lately.

The Heathcote mechanic and owner of Skilly’s Tyre and Auto didn’t think twice when he and a mate stopped to help a fellow traveller on a recent outback adventure

A couple’s caravan had “packed it in” on the Birdsville Track – about 133km south of Birdsville, Queensland.

“If you see someone stranded in the outback, you help out,” Marcus said.

And with RACQ refusing to recognise the Birdsville Track as a road, the couple were in strife if it wasn’t for Marcus and his mate.

After a quick inspection Marcus discovered the source of the problem – the centre bolt of the van’s leaf springs had sheared off.

To find a replacement, Marcus, in MacGyver fashion, replaced the bolt with one from a bike the couple had with them.

Problem solved – the couple were back on the road and off to buy Marcus and his mate a round (or two) at the Birdsville Pub.

Marcus had put the episode to the back of his mind when he got a call from home asking if he had helped someone on the Birdsville Track.

A post from the couple thanking Marcus and his mate was gaining traction on Facebook.

“There’s no internet out where we were so I was clueless to the post,” he said.

“It’s now got 2,400 likes and hundreds of comments.

“We were just doing our bit to help out – the reaction it got was astonishing.

“Helping someone out has got our businesses heaps of free publicity. It really pays to be kind and do the right thing.”

And as if his heroic outback antics weren’t enough, Marcus stepped it up when a fellow workshop owner was diagnosed with breast cancer.

He got together with other mechanics to raise $5,000 by June 30 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

And if the team achieved that goal they would all shave their heads or dye their hair pink, while Marcus said he would get a pink mohawk.

They smashed their goal – raising $5,190 in two weeks.

Marcus can now be seen sporting a pink mohawk – courtesy of Tahnee Rowe at Doll House Hair Design.

“Almost everyone has been affected by breast cancer or some form of cancer,” Marcus said. “My mum had breast cancer and my aunty lost her battle with it. It’s very near to my heart and we wanted to do our bit to help out.

‘‘We’re rapt with the results and extremely thankful for the generosity the community has shown.”

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