Heathcote Health and its happy band of helpers

May 18, 2017

Some of the volunteers who donate their time and energy to ensure Heathcote maintains its quality and diversity of service and support.

AS PART of National Volunteers Week, held last week, Heathcote Health celebrated the invaluable men and women keeping the organisation running.

Roles which cover everything from managing Meals on Wheels with the residents and organising patient transport to the maintenance of the grounds and – most importantly – regulating the lolly trolley.

Each volunteer has played a key ongoing role in the successful delivery of Heathcote Health’s continued service to the community in general and its residents in particular.

“We simply couldn’t run any of our numerous and diverse programs we are able to deliver without these volunteers,” Heathcote Health’s Michelle Chapman said.

“Every one of them brings their own skills and life experiences through the front door with them, and when added to our own skill sets it is just making the team stronger.

Many of the volunteers come from our community of Heathcote.

“Some of them were even born at Heathcote Health,” Ms Chapman said.

“They just want to give back to the community through donating their time and effort.”

She has also encouraged other residents to get involved.

“Even if you have one hour free a week, that would be an enormous help.”

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