It’s been a long road but we might be getting there

April 20, 2017

“I cycle a lot around Heathcote roads. The tarred roads are not too bad, but most of the dirt roads are pretty bad." says Andre Booyzen.

AFTER years of battling the council to have their roads repaired, locals may see results.

Owner of Horse Feathers Saddlery Kathleen Fisher, who lives along Hunters Lane, has had her road graded after repeatedly contacting Bendigo offices.

“Getting our road graded was a nightmare,” said Ms Fisher.

“In the three years I’ve lived here, it had only been done once.”

“When I contacted the Bendigo offices of our council, I was told the road would be graded according to the shire’s maintenance schedule – when I ask what the schedule is, I got no answer.”

While culverts have been installed to allow drainage on the road, Ms Fisher said she is still waiting for the job to be completed.

“They haven’t been finished properly – one section of the road has been left like a sandpit, and the car slips and slides all over it.”

When asked for comments on Hunters Lane, City of Greater Bendigo acting works manager Tony Gellatly said the council was endeavouring to keep up with road maintenance in Heathcote.

“The city is responsible for grading more than 1600km of unsealed roads and is currently running behind schedule with its road grading program,” he said.

Mr Gellatly also said the culvert drainage work on the road would be completed in the near future.

“It is not completed, but is expected to be addressed as part of the next grading cycle,” he said.

“The city acknowledges there are drainage issues at this intersection and will submit the project for consideration as part of a future capital works program.

“Hunters Lane will also be considered for re-sheeting works as part of the city’s re-sheet program in the upcoming budget.”

Despite this progress on one road in town, Heathcote’s Andre Booyzen said the council still has a long way to go.

“I cycle a lot around Heathcote roads,” he said. “The tarred roads are not too bad, but most of the dirt roads are pretty bad.

“They are not maintained or graded often enough and are full of holes, rocks and corrugations – really poor state and dangerous.”

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