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Fire out, CFA on guard duty

January 28, 2017

Photo by Lisa Taylor. Courtesy of Heathcote Town Crier.

Photo: Jennifer Lord.

CFA units remain on standby after a grassfire got rapidly out of control at Heathcote this afternoon and burnt down a house.

Starting in Yemm Lane about 3pm, fire units were called at 3.20pm according to a CFA spokesman.
The fire was apparently started by a lawnmower on an adjacent property and soon spread into grass and scrubby country.

A caravan on the property where the fire started was also destroyed.

At its peak 22 CFA units and two water bombers were at the scene.

The spokesman said the weatherboard house could not be saved at the height of the fire, and there has also been extensive damage to some outbuildings as well as eight cars, all parked in the same paddock, being destroyed.

A Heathcote local told the McIvor Times there was smoke everywhere and you could see it hanging high above Yemm Lane.

“The fire brigades were on the ball and got here pretty quickly, and they came from stations a fair way off to lend a hand,” she said.

“At first the CFA website was saying there was no risk but once the fire really got hold, and got harder to reach in some of the scrubbier land, that changed pretty quickly.

“I guess we were lucky it was only a house that burnt – and three people live there – and that no-one was injured.”


A HOUSE has been destroyed after a fire, believed to have been started by a lawnmower, swept through Yemm Lane at Heathcote this afternoon.

The CFA also reports a number of cars have been burnt before the 22 units which attended at the peak of the blaze, brought it under control.

The first broke out shortly after 3pm and it took several hours before it was controlled in the dry, scrubby country.

A CFA spokesman said the destroyed house was in the path of the fire and the weatherboard house burnt too quickly to be saved.

“Only the one house has been lost but there has also been extensive damage to a number of outbuildings as well as the cars, which had all been parked in the same paddock," the spokesman said.

The CFA still had six units on the scene to ensure there were no flare ups during the evening from hotspots.


Twenty two fire units are battling an extensive grassfire at Yemm Lane in Heathcote.

CFA reports the fire is still out of control but that there is no current threat to homes or residents.

But a CFA spokesman said people living near the fire, which is being exacerbated by today’s hot weather and winds, should plan for what they will do if the situation changes.

He said people should monitor weather conditions and warnings as grassfires can spread rapidly. 

“Also, please keep the roads clear so emergency services can respond,” he said.

“Smoke will be visible from nearby communities and roads.”

The next CFA update is expected by 8.30pm – or sooner if the situation changes.

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